We are a non-profit group of professional chefs and restaurant owners who believe all children should have enough food to eat, and the opportunity to learn how to prepare nutritious meals. Working in concert with food vendors and distributors, individual and corporate sponsors, we strive to provide well-balanced meals for kids in need and encourage healthy eating habits.

Chefs Feeding Kids was born from the heart and mind of Chef William Manzo, Jr. Growing up in Providence RI, he witnessed hunger first hand. Many of his peers did not have enough food to eat and he often used to share his lunch with them. It was here the seed was planted for what is now Chefs Feeding Kids.

Today, we’re translating this concern into action by partnering with local elementary schools to educate kids on eating well, providing cooking classes and demos throughout the local community, where family-style dinners are prepared with Chef Manzo’s guidance. In addition, we host several events throughout the year for chefs and food-industry. Through these types of programs, and the efforts of others from around the country, we strive to end hunger in our communities and help America eat healthy.

Our ever-growing network of chefs, restaurateurs and nutritionists across the country donate their time, talents and resources to help end child hunger. Our founding chefs are located in the most densely-populated areas of the US, positioned to maximize our reach.

Our model is two-fold:

  1. We work directly with kids in need providing healthy, well-balanced meals and nutritional education through our food parties; and
  2. we collaborate with non-profits who support our mission and promote the generous endeavors of the hospitality industry.

Our diverse Board of Directors has decades of experience in the nonprofit sector, holding leadership positions in the nation’s oldest fund-raising consulting firms, and includes CEOs in both divisions of Fortune 500 companies and privately held corporations as well as marketing and advertising specialists and chefs.